Jes and I showed up at the conference for a full day of sessions, including our own again. The first one was a dud. We looked at each other after an hour and decided to make an excuse and leave.
The one I was really looking forward to didn't happen-- the presenter didn't show. Finally we got to re-present our workshop and we had 12 participants who were highly engaged and really seemed to love it.

The campus of this place was absolutely amazing-- it looked like a miniature UVA.
When it was over we tried to get into The Bluebird Cafe but didn't. So we went to a BBQ restaurant for dinner then to Whole Foods to pick up some frozen dessert.

Came back from the BBQ restaurant and Whole Foods with our frozen almond milk dark chocolate mocha ice cream on a stick things, smelling like BBQ smoke, and our key to the apartment didn't work. Actually, Jes tried so hard to get the door open she actually broke the key into TWO!!

The owner came out and called a locksmith while we sat out back under the gazebo eating up the ice cream bars. Finally the locksmith drilled a hole in the lock and got us inside. The owner gave us a gift certificate for dinner to make up for the inconvenience. We were outside for about an hour.

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